Plotting the Best Menu for the Reception with Houston, TX’s Crawfish Wedding Catering

Planning Out Delish Wedding Menu

176Whether you will admit it or not, going to the party without impressive set of food selections or menus is really disappointing. When you are planning for the menu to be served in your wedding reception, you should imagine yourself in the shoes of your guests. Think of the food and other selections that they want to eat. If you have no idea how to iron this job, make sure to ask for the assistance of chefs from Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX.

With the help of well experienced chefs, you can be able to come up with impressive set of buffets. Instead of serving of cliché potato and chicken, you can be able to serve your chicken in different variations from seasoned, roasted, and grilled and many more. With your chef’s’ creative mind, you can be able to prepare delectable buffet sets like Mexican entrees, Sandwich entrees, sides-hot, sides-cold, ala carte pasta and many more.

Base the food selection from the preference of the wedding guests. It is your wedding day so you have the full power to choose the food selections to be served in your wedding. However, you should also take note that you have some invited guests. When sending out invitations, make sure to ask them regarding their preferred selections. Do they like vegetables, pork, beef, chicken and many others? Do they have special requests?

The health of your guests is also an important consideration when you are still making the menu for the reception. The last thing you want is seeing them suffer due to food poisoning. Moreover, you should take note of the guests who have allergies and other food specifications.

To avoid allergies and other health issues, ask your caterer to make use of ingredients that are considered safe. If you have some kids and children who are invited to the party, make sure they are also served with food great for kids like fried chicken, hamburger, hotdog, spaghetti and many more. Planning is an important element of a successful catering so make sure you do not miss out in this part.

Whether your needs are food selections served on trays or formal menu good for dinner, Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX is flexible enough to give you professional assistance. Sometimes, the success of the food selections is up to how you have selected the chefs who will prepare the food.

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